Indivdual Tax Planning

Stop Paying Too Much In Taxes

It’s very common for us to uncover missed tax savings opportunities and 99% of the time is because there was no proactive planning performed. We know that tax planning equals tax savings and that’s why we’ve created individual services packages so you are informed about what we can do to help you and that you get signed up for the services that will be of the greatest value.

What is Tax Planning?

In short, the main goal of tax planning is to maximize tax efficiency through reducing your overall tax liability. Implementing a tax planning strategy can be helpful and beneficial in a variety of ways to individuals as well as businesses. These strategies are a piece of a larger financial plan, and help navigate the tax implications of major decisions—whether they be personal or professional. 

Individual Tax Planning

Tax planning is essential for high net-worth individuals and families who believe preserving and protecting their hard-earned money should always be a priority. There are many routes and strategies individuals can take advantage of when it comes to tax planning.

  • Retirement accounts
  • Trusts
  • Estate planning

Individual Tax Preparation

We focus on helping to minimize the stress and anxiety that most individuals associate with tax time. Our professionals take all necessary time to help you to understand your return and we strive to proactively communicate when information is missing, taxes are due or when something unexpected pops up.
MB Group uses DocuSign to facilitate the signing of engagement letters, organizers and e-filing authorization forms so that these task are simple and can be completed from your phone.

Aligning Tax Planning & Financial Planning

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