As a high net worth individual, complexities around taxes and more can be even more complex for you. For those that belong in this category, there is much to be considered  from financial planning to asset management.

Financial Services tax services

Financial services oversees the entirety of financial decision-making from timing purchases and donations to how these decisions affect your tax planning for the year.  Should you accept payment now? Or could you hold off on receiving payment until January for the next quarter? With higher net worth and wealth, these decisions could be costly if the wrong choice is made.

Personal Tax Compliance

Tax planning is vitally important as there are many facets of tax law that can change from year to year.  Being in compliance with tax law is in your best interests as the money saved from fees, penalties, interest, and additional tax due can be quite costly.  Routine audits, accurate  book work, and staying on top of any changes in tax law will put you ahead of the curve and in compliance.

Advanced Tax Planning tax planning services

Quality tax services will always implement advanced tax planning as part of the game plan for the following tax year.  To put it into Baseball parlance, think of the crafty base runner on first who sneaks a peek at the catcher flashing a sign to the pitcher for a particular pitch.  The baserunner then clues the batter stealthily as to what the pitch is going to be to give the batter an advantage. This is essentially what a good accounting firm will have on deck for you by covering all the bases of accounting and financial planning for the following tax year.

Estate Planning & Trusts

Planning for today is always a good move, but what about the future?  What will happen to your Estate when you’re gone? This is where Estate planning comes into play.  Estates with high net worth are much more complex and difficult when it comes to decision-making after your departure. You don’t want any confusion or fights over your estate after your passing. Proper planning (wills, directives, splits, etc.) will clearly lay out what your wishes are.

Philanthropic Tax Planning

You can plan your donations and bequeathment to benefit not only those recipients but also your Estate as well in terms of proper planning for the tax year.  There are many loopholes and snags when it comes to donations and the like and it pays to be on top of things.  

Why Choose MB Group? mb group llc

The MB Group has a team of experienced and high-quality Accountants ready to serve you and protect your net worth.  With MB Group’s attention to detail, you will be tax compliant and ready for the new tax year.

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