As a business owner, we understand you have a lot on your plate. Simply managing the day-to-day affairs of your business and looking for growth opportunities consumes the majority of your time. But are you leaving money on the table?

Many people view taxes as a yearly event – an annual obligation that should be dealt with swiftly and with as little fuss as possible. The truth is, corporate tax strategy is an ongoing process that should be monitored carefully throughout the year. Poor planning can have significant consequences for the unprepared business owner, ranging from extra costs and interest to the dreaded IRS audit.

However, when you partner with the accountants at MB Group, we take a proactive approach to tax planning! You’ll enjoy a knowledgeable team of allies proactively working all year long to help minimize your tax liability with strategic tax planning solutions.


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Tax planning involves the activities and processes taken to lower your business tax liability. Specifically, tax planning means orchestrating every available deduction, allowance, exemption, and exclusion toward the common goal of reducing your tax bill. Every decision you make has tax implications, and no subject is off-limits. We want you to be prepared for any circumstances that life throws at you. Tax services available for your business include:

  • Corporate and Partnership Tax: We are highly specialized in serving privately-held businesses and possess the expertise to manage all types of corporate and partnership tax matters, including entities with complex, consolidated, industry-specific, multi-state and international tax considerations. Our team of seasoned and progressive professionals will develop for you a tax strategy that is as unique as your business and tailored to your risk tolerance. When you reach certain stages of your business or your life, we re-evaluate existing tax positions, explore new options and ensure your plan is consistent with your business and personal goals. We are continuously monitoring legislative changes so your tax plan is always focused on maximizing wealth and protecting and accumulating assets.
  • New Business Formation and Structuring: At the onset of a new venture, one of the most critical decisions is selecting an entity that is appropriate and advantageous from both a tax and legal perspective. We will provide you with the tax advice you need to get your entity set-up correctly as well as work directly with your attorney so that formation and related equity agreements are structured properly.
  • Other Tax Practice Areas: We will work tirelessly to improve your tax position and find opportunities to reduce your tax obligation by discussing and addressing State and Local, International, Estate and Property tax. We will also spearhead any communications with the IRS or State agencies either during an audit or as a result of notices or correspondence.

At the MB Group, we are an experienced team of accounting professionals working to turn tax planning into a competitive advantage for your business. With our comprehensive tax planning solutions, we use our expertise to help you determine when, how, and whether certain business transactions can be used to best reduce or eliminate tax liability. While every business may have different goals, we will tailor a tax planning strategy to best help you achieve the desired outcome. 

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Benefits of Tax Planning

 Instead of waiting until tax season, tax planning is a proactive process where we help arrange your business affairs to either avoid or postpone taxes. Because every business is different, each tailored tax planning strategy can yield a different set of benefits. In either case, some of the most common benefits of strategic tax planning include: 

  • Reducing tax rate
  • Lowering the amount of taxable income
  • Optimizing the use of tax credits
  • Strategically managing when taxes are paid
  • Helping businesses successfully navigate common mistakes
  • Managing the effects of the Alternative Minimum Tax
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Regardless of your industry, location, or size, every business can benefit from strategic tax planning. While some business owners may attempt to plan and prepare their taxes personally, this regularly results in money being left on the table. That’s where we come in. We specialize in business tax issues and can dedicate the time needed to help you evaluate your situation, find untapped resources, foresee and solve hidden problems, and drive down your tax burden.

Whether you need help with managing your quarterly tax filings, maximizing your deductions, or maintaining your records, we have the knowledge and tools to get ahead of any complications and make you audit-proof. Partnering with MB Group for strategic tax planning can help you and your business and eliminate your worry. 


If you’re a business owner, tax season can spell anxiety and a new set of frustrations. While many business owners tend to ignore planning until the last minute, the experts at MB Group view tax planning as a continual, ongoing process. We work throughout the year to stay informed on the latest Internal Revenue Tax Code changes and updates. Then, we use these updates to create an informed, tailored, and highly-effective tax planning strategy help your business achieve its goals. 



We’ll partner closely with you to act as an extended arm of your business and turn the liability of tax time into an asset. 

Contact MB Group today for a comprehensive suite of consulting and professional services. 

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