Business Consulting

There is a lot to know when it comes to running a business and it stretches well beyond accounting into operations, policy, philosophy, and leadership. When you find yourself wishing you had a sounding board, then that’s when we can step in as your advisor to bring in a new perspective. We have worked with hundreds of business owners so we’ve got lots of ideas on how business problems can be solved….and if we don’t know, we’ll find an expert in our network to help.

Financial Consulting

Often times with accounting, there is a big focus on where you have been and not where you are going.  If your business is in need of strategic financial consulting or is looking for assistance in clarifying its overall financial vision, then you are needing the help of a CFO-level professional.  We can help chart a course and implement new processes to ensure the company gets back on track and stays there. 

New Business Formation

Startups and new businesses are the lifeblood of the economy, but most new entrepreneurs are not aware of all tax considerations that are involved in starting a new endeavor. We can help with choosing a business structure (LLC, Partnership, Sole Proprietorship, Corporation) that works from a tax perspective.  We’ll also coordinate with your attorney to make sure that all legal perspectives are examined so you can rest easy knowing your business and personal assets are properly protected all while minimizing your tax exposure.

Management Advisory

Our team can also act in an advisory role to management teams to provide them with the information needed to make the best financial decisions for the business. The five P’s “Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance” can be important principles to employ when it comes to accounting.

Financial Forecasting

MBG will help to develop forecasts and projections to create a financial roadmap for the future and to be used in comparison to actual financial performance.

We are often consulted to re-evaluate entity structure when tax laws change, when new lines of business are started and when succession and estate planning is conducted.

Cash flow & budget analysis

MBG will help you re-gain control over your cash through detailed financial and spending analyses.


Why Hire A CPA Firm

When you enter in a partnership with MB Group, you are signing up to benefit from our experience, knowledge and professional network.  At the MB Group, we seek to be a source of ideas and to inspire you to dream big.  We want to help our clients to scale to the next level and build the business of their dreams. We are accounting partners, advisors, educators, and advocates.

We are empowered and energetic professionals that want to help you reach all of your financial goals, both personal and professional.

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