Business Consulting

The economy thrives on the successful business/customer relationship that every business strives for. There are enough factors to worry about within the scope of everyday business to maintain and improve customer service—don’t let your financial records and planning be one of them.  Business Consulting is one of our specialties and we’re confident that we can help your business maintain its financial integrity.

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Financial Planning

There are many webs of financial problems that a business can easily find itself in.  Financial improprieties, Account Mismanagement, Poor Financial Planning, Payroll struggles, tax struggles, Accounts Payable struggles, Improper Financial Reporting.  These are all just a few signs that your business may need help in getting on the right track. Our CPA licensed agents will work with your business to pinpoint the trouble spots in the operation with audits of records and bookkeeping.  After the audit, we’ll make suggestions and deliver data reports to steer the financial ship back on course. Once the web of poor bookkeeping is untangled, we can install GAAP methods within your team with training and manuals to enable better record keeping and accuracy.

New Business Formation

Startups and new businesses are the lifeblood of the economy, new entrepreneurs may not be aware of all startup business tax involved come tax time.  We can help new businesses with corporate structuring and choosing a business structure (LLC, Partnership, Sole Proprietorship, Corporation) that works for them. The right structure will protect assets and net the best tax credits for your business. Our expert cash flow and budgeting analysis are also vital to maintaining a healthy financial ledger as we use projections and forecasting methods to ensure that your books will always be in the black. 

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Management Advisory

Our team can also act in an advisory role to management teams to provide them with the information needed to make the best financial decisions for the business.  The five P’s “Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance” applies not only to the Military but it also applies to financial planning and GAAP record keeping.


The initial setup of a Corporation is vitally important to your business for tax purposes.  What type of Corporation is important to establish, will it be an S-Corp? An LLC? Each of these entities comes with pros and cons in relation to tax obligations.

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Financial Forecasting
& Projections

The right partner for your business aids in forecasting and projections of possible future financial outlooks and events with accurate data providing the template. P&L statements, Balance Sheets, and other documents culled from financial data provide the roadmap for accurate forecasting and making sound and informed business decisions.

Cash Flow &
Budget Analysis

Having accurate data coupled with forecasting and projections will provide the company with the details it needs to budget and keep a positive cash flow.  Firms break down data and analyze that data with an eye to best manage the company’s finances.

cost segregation


Cost segregation is an attractively-feasible tax planning strategy used by businesses, real estate owners, and even tenants to defer taxes, accelerate depreciation deductions, and improve cash flows.

Why Hire a CPA Firm

Entering into a partnership with a good CPA firm is a sound business strategy as the business stands to gain the experience and knowledge of a team of professionals in the Accountancy field.  Financial planning, training the company on GAAP procedures and record-keeping, fixing problems within the incumbent system, these are just some positives that the company can experience with a CPA Firm partnership.  Businesses who have trouble keeping accurate records or businesses who are looking to foster in accuracy and GAAP methods should contact us today to schedule a consultation.

The MB Group LLC is a full-service tax and accounting firm with various business services that can help you scale to the next level. Contact our team for more information.


We’ll partner closely with you to act as an extended arm of your business and turn the liability of tax time into an asset. 

Contact MB Group today for a comprehensive suite of consulting and professional services. 

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