We find too often that business owners are focusing valuable time on accounting instead of growing core business operations or, even worse, pushing financial management to the back burner. We provide the accounting solutions you need to get back on track and keep things current.


Our accounting solutions are flexible, scalable and customized to fit your exact needs. As your operations or staff expands, we adjust the nature and the level of our services so that we are growing and changing in unison. We function as an extension of your business to provide you with a comprehensive range of accounting talent, experience and services. We’ll do it all or we’ll provide you with the advice you need so you can get it done right.


Using an accounting firm is critical when it comes to business and staying compliant with tax laws. Our team of tax and accounting professionals are highly beneficial resources for businesses. Tax Law is constantly changing and having someone knowledgeable of those changes year-to-year working on your business taxes would be more suitable than a bookkeeper who’s not licensed as a CPA.


Our full outsourced engagements typically include all routine, monthly, quarterly, and annual tasks outlined below. If you are seeking to complement existing staffing resources, we will design a monthly or quarterly service plan specifically suited to your needs and your budget.
transaction processing
Firms are not only used for records and taxes, but they can also be used for transaction processing. The firm can process your payroll records and disperse checks to your employees. As an extension of this, the firm can also process accounts payable and issue invoices.

Account reconciliation can be a tedious and long process. Our team of licensed professionals ensures that set of records are all in agreement and balances match. We include end-of-month closing tasks to verify money leaving the account matches the actual money spent, so the ledger is a zero balance to start the next month.

Conducting reports and analysis of where the business sits is vitally important to showcase a complete financial picture. Balance Sheets, Profit & Loss Statements, Cash Flow Statements, and Income Statements are all used to display this data.

tax preparation
Sales Tax and Employment Tax (FICA) are two taxes that employers have to account for every month. Firms can help file these taxes every April for the business as part of the overall tax picture.
process reengineering
The Accounting Process details the keeping of financial records and activity for the year. There are different methods to use to achieve this such as Accrual Accounting and Cash-Based Accounting. Keeping these records in good order is all part of procedural documentation.
Accounting services can be of a historical nature as firms can use the data you provide and work their way backwards to fix the books due to bad bookkeeping. This backwork by the firm can shed some light on possible errors or missing money.
The MB Group also offers consulting, asset management, and CFO support on how to make the business grow and expand their net worth with sound bookkeeping and informed decisions on investments.
accounting services

Benefits of Outsourcing Accounting

  1. Working with a CPA Firm can increase your company’s overall ability in keeping accurate records and can improve the ability to make sound business decisions. We advocate the progressive use of technology to drive project efficiency and we seek out and use cutting-edge software that allows us to minimize data entry and collaboratively share information. The protection, transparency and availability of your financial data is paramount which is why we store data files on remote secure server that are backed up every night and accessible by you through a client portal anywhere and at any time.

    Our top-notch professionals are the key ingredient to your success and because you are sharing resources in an outsourced model the economic value you receive is magnified in many ways:

    • eliminating employer tax and benefits costs
    • reducing personnel issues and training time
    • minimizing office expenses
    • improving business continuity
    • accessing creative and objective solutions
    • developing internal controls
    • creating and implementing policies and procedures
    • using licensed and bonded professionals

Our goal is to help you to build the most economically efficient and robust financial management and reporting system possible….an infrastructure that provides you with the information you need when you need it. 

The MB Group has a team of experienced and well-versed certified public accountants that can help your business grow and stay compliant with current tax laws. Schedule a meeting with one of our experts today.

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