Business Accounting

When you’re a business owner, it’s tough to find time to focus on the books. That’s where MB Group comes in – we’ll take care of your accounting so you can focus on what you’re best at. We offer a variety of customized services to meet your needs, and you get an entire accounting team dedicated to helping you succeed.

Our accounting solutions are flexible, scalable and customized to fit your exact needs. As your operations or staff expands, we adjust the nature and the level of our services so that we are growing and changing in unison. We function as an extension of your business to provide you with a comprehensive range of accounting talent, experience and services. We’ll do it all or we’ll provide you with the advice you need so you can get it done right.

The Importance of Accounting

Accounting is fundamental to the success of a business and our MBG leaders would argue that the presence of disciplined, routine and reliable accounting processes make the difference between the business enterprises that succeed and the ones that fail. A solid accounting function provides valuable insights into how a business performs, reveals operational deficiencies and supports statutory compliance….and all of these things result in business owners making better decisions about where they’ll take their businesses next.

Accounting Services For Your Business

Our accounting engagements are designed specifically for your business. We typically recommend that business owners lacking a full-time accounting resource transition all routine tasks to our team so that we can ensure work is performed consistently and deliverables are produced on-time.


Transaction Processing

We will handle routine transaction origination, including A/R invoicing and payment receipt, A/P entry and bill payment, sales tax filings, payroll initiation as well as any other tasks needed to support your business.

Account Reconciliation

Reconciliations are tedious and time consuming, but absolutely vital to ensure financial reporting completeness and accuracy. As a part of our engagements, we reconcile accounts to month-end statement balances.

Financial Reporting

We implement and document routine month-end close procedures so that each task needed to be performed at month-end can be monitored and managed. As a byproduct of our accounting services, we will print system generated financial reports, including the balance sheet and profit & loss statement.

Sales & Employment Tax

MBG will handle sales tax and employment tax filings and remittances which are vital tasks that must be completed on-time based upon the applicable statutory deadline.  



When accounting records are non-existent or haven’t been properly updated, we can be called in to clean things up. Our work is usually focused on getting the books caught up so that routine procedures can be implemented.

Fractional CFO

How MB Group Adds Value as Your Accounting Partner

Working with a CPA Firm can increase your company’s overall ability in keeping accurate records and can improve the ability to make sound business decisions. We advocate the progressive use of technology to drive project efficiency and we seek out and use cutting-edge software that allows us to minimize data entry and collaboratively share information. The protection, transparency and availability of your financial data is paramount which is why we store data files on remote secure server that are backed up every night and accessible by you through a client portal anywhere and at any time.

Our top-notch professionals are the key ingredient to your success and because you are sharing resources in an outsourced model the economic value you receive is magnified in many ways: 

  • Eliminating employer tax and benefits costs
  • Reducing personnel issues and training time
  • Minimizing office expenses
  • Improving business continuity
  • Accessing creative and objective solutions
  • Developing internal controls
  • Creating & implementing policies and procedures
  • Using licensed and bonded professionals
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