Real Estate Owners & Professionals

Real estate-related businesses and their owners will find that accounting rules and tax laws aren’t always the easiest to navigate and making a mistake can be a major financial issue. The MB Group has experience working with residential and commercial real estate brokers, developers, ranchers, investors, and flippers. We’ll leave the real estate to you and we’ll keep track of all your revenues and expenses as well as make sure that you are taking advantage of every possible tax reduction strategy.

Do I need a CPA for Real Estate

Every taxpayer bears the burden of proof when it comes to asserted tax positions. When you are operating a business in the real estate industry, you are undoubtedly taking tax positions that need to be documented and substantiated—that’s where a CPA comes in. The MB Group works with real estate professionals to evaluate compliance with the tax laws, to understand potential risks, and to develop comprehensive solutions and strategies to mitigate potential tax issues in the future.

Real Estate CPA Near Me

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