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The business of being a real estate agent, investor, developer, property manager or broker involves a lot of moving parts.  Real estate professionals have to deal with issues such as licenses, paperwork, banks, local ordinances, etc.  It can be a lot to handle on top of a daily workload. 

The one thing that most professionals tend to be overwhelmed by is their taxes. Real Estate tax is a complex and ever-changing landscape filled with yearly changes to tax laws and other issues.  Some people choose to purchase software and do the taxes themselves and that route will get the job done on a basic level.  But how many busy real estate individuals have the time and energy to tackle this on their own? The MB Group LLC offers expert real estate tax services, accounting as well as business advisory and consulting services.

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Do I Need a CPA for Real Estate?

  • Real Estate brokers, agents, developers, investors and property managers can alleviate excess stress by outsourcing the heavy lifting of taxes to an outside professional.  There are simply too many plates to try to keep spinning by acquiring all the paperwork needed, making sure any accounting is in order, maintaining knowledge of the current year’s tax laws, among other things. Tax is a part of a much larger machine, and having the proper CPA for real estate can help make sure all aspects of your business are in harmony before tax season ever rolls around. That’s why the MB Group offers superior tax prep services so you can be ahead of schedule once tax season comes around.

CPA & Accounting Services for Real Estate Professionals

Those working in real estate should employ a real estate tax service to get a total picture of their operation, at least from a financial point of view.  Agents should have tax professionals receive their paperwork on a monthly basis to keep an eye on taxes due for the quarter and other tax planning duties.  CPAs can also provide tax return services every April, and they can assist in making quarterly tax payments and also set up a financial plan for next year’s projected income and tax burden. Our menu of services include:

Why Working with a CPA Firm is Beneficial

Real Estate agents, investors, property managers, developers and brokers should employ a CPA firm to oversee the tax service work for a multitude of reasons.  The biggest reason is that with a firm, you have a team of licensed professionals who will deliver the best quality work that you can get to ensure that your books and taxes are both accurate and complete.  Between the quarterly taxes, the payroll taxes (if you employ others), property taxes on the holdings, investments, possible tax credits, and other write-offs, there’s a lot that goes into maintaining the books and taxes for a real estate business.

Work With MB Group – accountants specializing in real estate

If you’re a real estate professional looking for a real estate CPA in Plano for your business, please consider the MB Group in Plano, Texas.  The MB Group has provided tax services for Real Estate professionals and other vocations for many years and has the knowledge and experience to provide you with the highest quality CPA service available.  Contact the MB Group today and speak with one of our representatives to schedule an initial consultation.


When it comes to tax planning and preparation, the accounting professionals at the MB Group are your one-stop solution.

We offer a full suite of solutions designed to relieve you of your tax preparation and planning burden, so you can focus on growing your business. 

Contact MB Group today for tax preparation and planning services.

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