CPA For Physicians, Dentists & Medical Professionals

You specialize in providing a myriad of health and wellness solutions to help your patients look and feel their best. While you’re busy saving and improving lives, who is ensuring your financial future is as bright as it should be? As a leading CPA firm for physicians, dentists and medical directors, we specialize in helping you achieve a higher level of financial wellness. At the MB Group, we regularly work with medical professionals and their practice managers to help them make more informed financial decisions for a healthier financial future and ultimate retirement.

What type of Medical Professional do we serve:

CPA and Accountants For Medical Professionals

Most physicians choose the highly-esteemed profession because they are driven by the innate desire to help other people — not necessarily to manage a business. Even so, practitioners who run their own businesses are responsible for managing countless financial aspects while providing the highest level of care and attention to their patients. And even if you’re employed by a healthcare facility or hospital, you’ll still be tasked with making important financial decisions.

Fortunately, you’re not alone and have an entire team of support. As the leading team of accountants for doctors, we provide tailored accounting solutions and financial planning to help you get and keep your affairs in order. We will work with you to help you chart the best path forward and make your vision of the future your reality. This way, you can focus more on saving lives, and we’ll stay focused on your financial future.


When you partner with MB Group, you don’t have to wait until tax season to start thinking about taxes — we’ll do it all year for you. Our experienced tax experts make it their business to stay up to date on the latest changes to the IRS tax code. And we’ll put our knowledge and expertise to use to help strategically create a plan and minimize your overall tax liability. Our tax planning strategies are a key component of your larger financial plan and may include the incorporation of:

• Retirement accounts
• Estate planning
• Trusts 


Although the tax code for individuals is complex, it’s exponentially more convoluted when it comes to business taxes. Because of this, savvy practitioners and medical facilities turn to MB Group for our strategic tax planning. As the premier CPA firm for doctors, we specialize in helping medical facilities achieve their goals through strategic tax planning. Some of the most common benefits of partnering with the premier CPA firm for physicians include:

  • Optimizing the use of tax credits
  • Minimizing your tax rate
  • Managing the impact of Alternative Minimum Tax
  • Empowering you to manage when taxes are paid
  • Lowering the amount of your taxable business income

Our seasoned accountants for physicians will work closely with you and your staff to make tax planning an ongoing, all-year event. In doing so, we’ll help ensure you take advantage of all tax deductions and credits your business is eligible for. 


As the leading CPA firm for doctors, one of the key services we offer is tax preparation. Through our tax preparation service, we will walk you through all of the available exemptions and tax deductions that may be offered exclusively to medical professionals and health care facilities. At the same time, we will help you make the right long-term decisions to legitimately reduce your personal and business burden in the future.

Whether you are employed by a healthcare facility or are self-employed, a seasoned retirement planning expert can help you make the best choices for yourself as well as your employees. If you are employed by a facility that already offers you options, we can offer professional advice to help ensure you retire comfortably. On the other hand, we can assist with the creation of different types of retirement accounts for business owners. In either case, the leading CPA firm for doctors takes a tailored approach to retirement planning for doctors and practitioners.