Industries We Serve

We find too often that business owners are focusing valuable time on accounting instead of growing core business operations or, even worse, pushing financial management to the back burner. We provide the accounting solutions you need to get back on track and keep things current.

CPA Firm For Your Industry 

Over the years, The MB Group team has served a variety of industries and partnered with business owners of all types to deliver high quality CPA services. Each industry requires professionals who are well acquainted with challenges and details that are specific to businesses in those sectors, and we’ve got the experience. 

Whether your business is in need of accounting, tax preparation, tax planning, or more—we can help you succeed. Our accountants and tax advisors strive for dynamic partnerships with our clients. That is, we’re never satisfied with just focusing on the tasks for today—we’re also looking for ways to help you succeed in the future.

While our team has experience in the following industries, we are always open to new challenges and working with businesses of all types looking for CPA service solutions.

The manufacturing industry is no stranger to changes, so it’s important to have a CPA partner that can help guide you through financially. We understand the unique needs of the manufacturing industry and are ready to help.
Physicians work hard to keep us all healthy, so we aim to work just as hard to keep your practices in tip top financial health as well. Take care of your patients and we’ll take care of your accounting, taxes, and more.
With a fast-paced and complex business in the Real Estate industry, it can leave you with little time to focus on anything else. Focus on doing what you do best, and leave the rest up to our experienced professionals.

Professional Services

As a professional services firm, you probably spend more time than you would like worrying about financial issues such as cash-flow management and how to minimize your taxes. We can help.
You spend your days working to uphold the laws of our land. But when it comes to tax law, we’ve got attorneys covered. We’re experts at the ever-changing and complex tax code so you can rely on our team no matter what.


Innovation is the backbone of the technology sector. So, when it comes to accounting, taxes, and more, technology companies require an equally innovative and agile accounting partner—and our team is up to the challenge.