High-Net Worth Individuals & Families

As a high net worth individual or a family member managing generational wealth, complexities around taxes can be even more involved for you. For those that belong in this category, there is much to be considered from tactical tax and resource planning to asset protection.

Financial Guidance

The timing of financial decisions can make a big impact on taxes which is why we are advocates for planning ahead.  Designing and implementing trusts, establishing private foundations, buying permanent life insurance, gifting assets to your family members or creating annuities all take special time and consideration to map out.  For individuals and families with significant wealth, putting off this planning could be costly from a tax perspective.

Personal Tax Compliance

When your taxes are complicated, there is increased risk that an unskilled preparer may make mistakes that result in increased audit risk.  As CPA’s we have the requisite credentials and engage in routine training to hone our individual tax preparation and planning skills.  We also know that when your taxes are more difficult, they can also be more stressful.  We will take the time to help you to understand your return, explain changes from the prior year and communicate when issues arise. 

How The MB Group Fits Into Your Circle Of Key Advisors 

We routinely educate our clients about the importance of working with a team of professionals who can coordinate efforts (accounting, tax, legal, financial advisory, valuation expert, etc.) and make sure that there are no mistakes, no omissions, no amendments, no unsupported positions that could potentially create an audit flag.  We also help our clients to “fill in the blanks” if there are key advisors that they are lacking.

Running A Business is Taxing 

Every business needs a team of key advisors to be successful. As your primary accounting party, it is vital our team has access to each partner to best support your business.

• Accounting/CFO

• Tax Preparation & Planning

• Payroll & HR

• Banker

• Estate Planning

• Employee Benefits

• State & Local Taxes

• Home, Auto and Personal Insurance

• P&C, D&O, E&O, Cyber Insurance

• Retirement Planning & Investment Management

• Financial Advisor

• Business Attorney

• Life Insurance

• IT

• Merchant Processing

• Long-Term Disability Insurance

• Succession & Compensation Planning