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If you’re searching for the best Accountant in Houston, TX , look no further than the MB Group team. As the leading team of accounting specialists, we regularly help high-net-worth individuals, business owners, and businesses by offering a range of comprehensive tax and accounting services. The team at MB Group confidently checks all of the boxes. Let’s take a closer look at how MB Group is the premier accountants in Houston, TX. 

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CPA Services Near Houston

At MB Group, we offer a full suite of tax preparation services to help simplify and streamline business taxes. And we won’t just work to prepare and file your taxes, we develop deep relationships to understand how your business works and where we can implement a tax planning strategy to create value and savings.

Tax Preparation Services

We offer a seasoned team of business accountants and tax preparers who have worked with businesses and business owners of all sizes across all industries. We’ll use our exclusive industry expertise to help reduce tax liability and create savings through strategic tax preparation.

Learn more about the tax preparation services in Houston, TX.

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Tax Planning Services

While tax preparation is all about the process of preparing and filing your taxes, tax planning is designed to maximize tax efficiency through lowering your tax liability. By partnering with the tax planning CPAs and accountants at MB Group, we’ll devise a tax strategy that is helpful and beneficial in a number of ways to the business and business owners. Our tailored strategies are a key component of a larger financial plan that can be used to help you navigate the implications of significant decisions. In general, we offer two different types of tax planning services:

  • Individual tax planning strategies can help reduce your tax liability by using vehicles, such as estate planning, trusts, retirement accounts, and education. 
  • Business tax planning helps reduce the tax rate, lower taxable income, optimize tax credit, strategize when taxes are paid, manage the effects of the Alternative Minimum tax, and more. 

Business Accounting

When it comes to accountants in Houston, TX, the MB Group offers a full selection of flexible, scalable, and customizable solutions designed to your needs. Our team will function as an extended arm of your business to infuse the right amount of accounting talent your business needs. Some of the most common accounting services include: 

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  • Transaction processing involves CPAs processing a myriad of types of transactions. 
  • Accounting reconciliation includes our team of licensed professionals making sure all records and balances are in agreement and match.
  • Sales and employment tax filing involves our CPAs helping the business with tedious but necessary tax filings.
  • Financial reporting and analysis can help business owners gain a clear look into the complete financial picture of the business. 
  • Process re-engineering and documentation is a structured approach to improving accounting performance and transparency. 
  • Historical bookkeeping and back work involves taking the steps to work backward to fix bad bookkeeping. 
  • CFO support and consulting includes a range of different asset management, consulting, and CFO support services to grow the businesses based on informed decisions and sound bookkeeping. 



Why Hire a CPA Firm

Working with a CPA firm can significantly increase your business’s ability to make sound business decisions based on financial records. While every business is unique, most of our clients share the following benefits of partnering with us:

  • Professional accounting assistance
  • Actionable business intelligence
  • Business tax savings
  • Entire team of support
  • Access to the latest accounting tools
  • Ability to upsize or downsize with ease

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Our clients say

"The M B Group did a great job with my taxes, and guided me with my tax planning. Their guidance is invaluable."

Chandler Perry
"Exceeds expectations! I have used them for personal taxes and have also migrated our company’s taxes over to them. They are simply extraordinary. Super responsive and full of superstars."
Jen DeSaegher