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The MB Group located near Carrollton, TX is a team of world-class certified professionals. Businesses need accountants they can trust in order to grow, and our team has the experience necessary for the job. Our success is measured by the success of our clients. 

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Our CPA Services

Tax Preparation Services Near Carrollton, Texas

Businesses big and small cannot escape tax season. Taking on this stressful and complicated time of year doesn’t have to be a solitary activity for business owners, and our team of CPAs is your perfect companion. We believe in close partnerships with our clients, and actively get to know your business on a deeper level. Our strategic plans to reduce your tax liability come tax season ensure that you’re getting the highest quality service possible. 

Learn more about the tax preparation services in Carrollton, TX.

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Business & Personal Tax Planning

Whether you’re an individual or a business, you can benefit from consistent tax planning . Well-executed tax preparation can only limit your tax liability to a certain extent. However, with a solid tax planning strategy that’s tailored to your needs, there are more avenues to explore to maximize your savings—ensuring you see more benefits in the long run. 

Business Accounting

In the timeline of every business, there comes a point where in order to grow, accounting must be outsourced. Many owners find themselves focusing more on the day-to-day accounting of their business rather than their plans to grow and expand their company. The MB Group helps provide you with the accounting solutions you need to put your mind at ease while you focus on bigger and better things. 

Risk Assessment

Every business is susceptible to some type of risk. In order to combat this, the MB Group offers a comprehensive risk assessment service for your business. This service aids your business in identifying risks as well as compiling a plan to combat these uncertainties. 

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Why Hire With The MB Group

From accounting, to risk, to taxes, planning, and beyond—working with a trusted CPA firm with experienced accountants can yield numerous benefits. Whether you’re an individual or a growing business, you can start seeing results today and start meeting your goals tomorrow. 


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Our clients say

"The M B Group did a great job with my taxes, and guided me with my tax planning. Their guidance is invaluable."

Chandler Perry
"Exceeds expectations! I have used them for personal taxes and have also migrated our company’s taxes over to them. They are simply extraordinary. Super responsive and full of superstars."
Jen DeSaegher