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Businesses and individuals looking for an accountant in Allen, TX  should reach out to the MB Group for all their tax, consulting, accounting, and risk assessment needs. 

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Tax Preparation Services Near Allen, Texas 

CPAs are tax preparers, but not all tax preparers are CPAs. When you partner with a firm for regular tax preparation, you’re ensuring that your return will be flawless. CPAs are bound to rules, regulations, and licenses that regular tax preparers are not. In addition to high quality tax preparation, our team also aims to establish close relationships so we can better understand you or your businesses needs. 

Learn more about the tax preparation services in Allen, TX.

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Business & Personal Tax Planning

Tax planning and tax preparation have two separate but similar objectives. Tax preparation refers only to your current tax return and is often more reactive than proactive in its approach to saving you more on your return. While skilled CPAs can help you save during tax preparation, the real way you can save is to begin ongoing tax planning. This service is available for both individuals and businesses alike and can help you take advantage of opportunities to save through thoughtful strategies. 

Business Accounting

When it comes to accountants in Richardson, TX, the MB Group offers a full selection of flexible, scalable, and customizable solutions designed to your needs. Our team will function as an extended arm of your business to infuse the right amount of accounting talent your business needs.


The MB Group is eager to work with businesses of all industries, but we have extensive experience in the following sectors: 


Why Hire With The MB Group

Investing in a partnership with a CPA firm can gain you and your business a variety of benefits such as:

  • Professional accounting assistance
  • Actionable business intelligence
  • Business tax savings
  • Entire team of support
  • Access to the latest accounting tools
  • Ability to upsize or downsize with ease

We welcome any inquiries and would love the opportunity to meet you. Click or call using the information below.

Our clients say

"The M B Group did a great job with my taxes, and guided me with my tax planning. Their guidance is invaluable."

Chandler Perry
"Exceeds expectations! I have used them for personal taxes and have also migrated our company’s taxes over to them. They are simply extraordinary. Super responsive and full of superstars."
Jen DeSaegher